Trade Barriers, it’s pretty taxing



A trade barrier is a government produced restriction on importing and exporting goods and international trading, there are 2 types of barrier. The first one is called Tariffs, you might know it as import taxes and the second type are known as Non-Tariff restrictions examples of this are things such as import licences, import quotas and just outright banning of a certain product all of these are bundles up into a category called Trade barriers and these are the ways the government controls what gets into the country, what gets in small amounts and what does not get in at all, it also works for exporting in the form of export licences and quotas although I’ve never heard of an export tax before I’m sure it exists somewhere in this world.


  • Import Tax
  • Export tax


  • Licences to export or import
  • Quota limits
  • Restricted imports
  • Banned and contraband items

“What is trade barrier? definition and meaning” Retrieved May 22nd, 2011.

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