S.W.O.T the P.E.S.T!

The S.W.O.T or SWOT (I’m too lazy to put the dots) is an analysis uses by many modern businesses and companies to evaluate their

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Oppertunities
  • Threats


I don’t really need to explain much as this picture can do it all for you and the titles are all pretty self-explanatory

Strength means your companies strengths and what it’s good at, for example Intel’s good at making processors

Weaknesses means what your company is bad at, for example Intel’s not good at making pastries

Opportunity means all your current opportunities that you can take advantage of, for example Intel’s taking advantage of AMD’s recent failings in making processors by releasing a new generation of their “i” series processors

Threat means the current threats to your company, for example NVIDIA is expanding into making processors and it threatens Intel’s consumer base

Now onto the P.E.S.T analysis (it’s really a pest to explain!)

PEST analysis stands for

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological analysis


This picture saves me the trouble of fully explaining it to you but I’ll do it anyway because I’m a nice guy

PEST dives into the 4 factors of politics, economics, social and technological that will affect your company

  • Political factors are stuff like taxes, trade restrictions (I’ll explain this in another post), and anything the government might do that will affect your company
  • Economic factors include things like exchange rates, economic stability, inflation or deflation rates and anything that has to do with the money in that country
  • Social factors are about health, working conditions, career distribution and things about the current social status in the place that you are doing business in that affect your business
  • Technological factors change how your company does things such as automation, production line advancement and other things..
  • Environmental factors are things like climate, climate change and other things that will affect your business
  • Legal factors include consumer protection law, health and social laws, employment laws, trade laws and basically every possible law that affect your business

That’s just me explaining about the PEST and SWOT analysis how you apply it is up to you.

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