What i would like to make

My teacher asked the class today on what would they like to make if given the opportunity and money to make it.

I haven’t really thought about this but if given the opportunity i would love to make a gaming laptop that is cheap and does NOT cost what it costs to refuel a private Jet (Unless of course refueling jets are a common thing to you then go ahead and buy a solid gold laptop).

Gaming laptop’s nowadays cost a bomb and don’t really provide a good mobile platform for gaming, Most probably because they weigh a ton, cost as much as first class to USA, tiny screen, crappy keyboard and a whole other ton of problems. If i was making laptops a Full HD 1080p Screen wouldn’t cost bloody four thousand ringgit.

A concept would be a full desktop computer hidden in your bag with liquid cooling in it to save space and the trouble of airflow management and the smallest parts money can buy, with the radiator on the bottom of the bag and a Hydrogen cell battery for 10 hours of portable gaming, but alas it’s just a concept.

My plan would be to make a laptop with good cooling, a nice Full HD screen with a Matte coating to prevent glare from the sun, powerful LED backlighting for further fun in the sun, Mechanical Keyboards for near infinite usage (50+ million), A back-lit keyboard for those night gaming session in your bedroom, a decent processor and a nice powerful graphics card.

BUT the biggest difference would be in the battery, The battery would no longer be stuck to the computer, it would be a separate flat unit no thicker than the laptop screen with a nice thin durable wire protruding from it and to the laptop, and it would most probably provide you with 12+ hours of internet surfing and 6 hours of  pure gaming.

The laptop would be a 17″ beast but when you buy it, it will come with the perfect bag, Most probably by Targus, it would have a compartment for the main laptop and a secondary slot for up to 2 battries and plenty of space for your other gadgets. Another main concern would be the weight of the laptop, it will be reduced as much as possible with the use of lightweight aluminum for the main chassis and poly carbonate for the screen. and since the battery is no longer stuck to the laptop it would provide much more space for the components of the computer to be spread out with a thinner overall look.

The laptop would come in 11, 14, 15 and 17 inch variants with personal customization available for every laptop (if needed) and a nice slick black and red anodized chassis will provide you with much envy from your friends (unless they own one too), and lastly if you find that carrying around a bag to be too troublesome for you you can attach the battery to the base of the laptop but that will make it significantly thicker and heavier

Production will all be done by machines to keep costs down and customized by hand as a little treat. The laptop would cost around 2 to 3 thousand for low and medium end devices to 4-10k for the extremely high end models. it would be extremely popular among the budget gamers because of it’s low price point and high specs and in today’s world of new technology, cheap and powerful laptops will be the one that most people buy.

Production will be done in the US because it will be the biggest consumer base because of it’s high technology status. and in taiwan because Taiwan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer compoments

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